New batteries for UPS of the cluster

In the second quarter of this year, the supply of electricity to the cluster had several disruptions affecting considerably the operation of the SeARCH. The cluster administration was unaware of this situation.
In order to minimize the low quality of the electric network, the consortium SeARCH (with the support of CCTC, CFUM, ECUM and EEUM) invested approximately 3 thousands euros in the acquisition of new batteries for the three UPS, which support the cluster. In this way, was increased its runtime that is important in long disruptions.
The installation of new batteries was completed during the August month.

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Gaussian 09 is available

The Gaussian 09 package ( is now available on the Search cluster.

It is installed in /share/apps/Gaussian09 and to use it in batch jobs one can use the following script:

#PBS -q default #or fermi
#PBS -l walltime=[hh:mm:ss]
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=[num processors]
setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS [num processors]
setenv g09root /share/apps/Gaussian09/
source $g09root/g09/bsd/g09.login
g09 …

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Fermi GPU nodes

The two GPU nodes installed mid-August in the Search cluster are now in full production and the system overview has been updated to reflect the new configuration.  Each node has the following configuration:

- 2 AMD CPUs with 12 cores each (AMD Opteron 6174, 2.2GHz, 12MB L3 cache)

- 2 NVidia Tesla C2050 cards (Fermi architecture, 448 cores, 3GB RAM)


To use these nodes the user is required to select the “fermi” queue when submiting the jobs (”qsub -q fermi …”).

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Many-Core Summer School 2010

Since 2006 the SeARCH cluster includes several compute nodes with GPU cards.

The Many-Core Summer School 2010 will use some of these resources to support the hands-on work.

For further information go to

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New frontend and software setup

Welcome to the SeARCH computing infrastructure.

Our system architecture comprises several sub-clusters, as can be seen in the “System” tab.

The information in this pages is mainly focused on our latest cluster setup - named once again* as, which is Rocks 5.2 based and includes some of our most recent compute nodes and to which users and nodes are gradually being migrated. 

Our previous installation, still in full use with more than half of the available nodes, is, based in a Rocks 4.2.1 software. 

For user support, or to ask for access to any of our resources, please check out our “Support” tab.

* the first version, installed in 2005, was called, the second is called and this last version is the third.

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Cluster Status

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