Services and Advanced Research Computing with HTC/HPC clusters
(Programa de Re-equipamento Científico Nacional, FCT, CONC-REEQ/443/EEI/2005
Co-financiado pelo Programa POCI 2010, fonte FEDER)


To support R&D projects in Computer Science, Physics and Math, namely those being developed in research centers at the University of Minho.


Initial funding from FCT to build the inicial configuration with 46 dual Xeon 3.2 GHz nodes, interconnected by Myrinet-10G and Gigabit ethernet, with 8 GPU nodes and 6 IO nodes connected to a 3TB Fibre-Channel SAN. From this date, the cluster has been expanded with funding from several smaller projects and has been connected to the EGEE Grid.

Software environment

Linux OS (CentOS in the nodes, with Rocks as the cluster manager)

Access to the system

Please send your access request by e-mail to search-admin<at> with your identification (name, functions and institution), user profile (applications and libraries, usage context) and indication of the prefered authentication method (password or public key).